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Since 2001, always with the same requirement

The Aspilusa company evolution has been gradual but consistent. Betting on innovation stills the strategic focus of its managers and founders, Carlos and Manuel Meliço.

At Aspilusa, the rules to success mean deadline compliance and manufacture products of quality.

Ideas are welcome, as well as challenges. Since the beggining, those challenges were responsible for the several success of the company. Specially, the more recent central vacuuming systems developed and manufactured in Portugal, by Aspilusa.

The best price/quality ratio is applied to all our products manufactured or represented by Aspilusa.

Aspilusa has a team of professionals from various fields, such as the pre-production phase, assembly line, commercial and after-sales service.

Aspilusa’s demand extends to its employees, representatives and partners.

All our decisions are taken aiming the final client satisfaction.

In a context of economic crisis, Aspilusa keeps its stocks policy. With Aspilusa, you can count on: ability to quickly answer to every order, service of quality and guarantee of installation and materials.