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How does a central vacuuming system work

The central vacuuming system is installed in a distant and inconspicuous place, such as the garage or the basement. The more isolated the place is, less will be the noise. Even if the central vacuuming systems manufactured by Aspilusa register a lowest level of noise.
More than 100 years

The central vacuuming system was born in 1901, in the USA.

David E. Kenney, a New Jersey plumber, installed the first machine, a steam engine, in a building in Pittsburgh.

You may now stop to pull along your vacuum cleaner all over the house. With the Aspilusa central vacuuming system, vacuum every corner of your home in half of the time!

The piping network is extended all over the house, invisible inside the walls. Esthetic and functional, the inlets are installed in strategic areas, in the skirting board. To vacuum, you only have to choose one of the Aspilusa’s Vacuuming Kits and connect the hose into the inlets.

Our vacuuming system is easy to maintain and has the guarantee stamp of the products engineered and manufactured at Aspilusa.

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