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Powerful and Versatile
The Aspilusa Central Vacuuming System has also a quality guarantee, bringing another advantage: durability.
Silent, Practical and Efficient

The Central Vacuum is an excellent alternative to the traditional vacuum cleaners. These systems, already existing in many housing constructions, they bring countless advantages.

In homes with Central Vacuum, to vacuum becomes a quick a task and even fun.
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More Silent

Once the central vacuuming system is away from the more frequented areas, noise is stopped!

You may vacuum at any time of the day or evening without disturbing anybody.
More Hygienic

With the power of the central vacuuming systems, manufactured exclusively by Aspilusa, nothing can resist to its suction capacity!

Nor even your pets’ hair!
Easier to use

Inlets are spread out all over the house enabling vacuuming to be quicker and almost without effort.

The central Vacuuming accessories, highlighting the long hose, contribute to the Aspilusa’s central vacuuming system usability.