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Short history
The garbage disposal was invented in 1927 by John W. Hammes.

Only after eleven years of research and development, was the first garbage disposal putted on the North American market, in 1938.
Reduce the organic waste to dust

The garbage disposal offers you a more ecological solution for your food waste.

Transforms your kitchen and reduces the time you spent on it, cooking and cleaning.
Everything you need to know about the Aspilusa Garbage Disposal

How does it work?
Installed under the kitchen sink, the garbage disposal is connected to the sanitation system. Like so, when you have food waste, you simply need to open the water tap and turn the switcher on.

Within 25 seconds, the garbage disposal reduces the waste into small pieces that will disappear in the sanitation system.
Eliminates food waste quickly and efficiently;

Saves you time and work in the kitchen;

Reduces the common foul odours of organic waste, mainly in the summer time;

Keeps the environment healthy and it is very easy to use.
Technical details
Aspilusa represent the garbage disposals with more quality within the European market.

Apart from being anticorrosion, Aspilusa garbage disposals are compact and light.

Quicker to grind, they need less utilization time which reduces water and energy consumption.