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The mirror demister carbon film is available in two formats that can be easily adapted to any mirror
A detail that makes the difference

Stop your bathroom mirrors to misting up.

Aspilusa commercializes and installs an efficient anti-misting system.

You can quickly apply it to can be easily adapted to any mirror.
Enough of misted up mirrors after baths!
Install our demister on your mirror and give it a new life. The mirror demister also works with a carbon resistor. The energy consumption is very low and it makes your everyday life more comfortable.

The carbon resistor has an adherent screen format. The installation even if it is quite simple must me done by a professional. Simply remove the gluing paper, stick the demister to the back of the mirror. And then you need to connect it to a 220 volts supply.

Aspilusa suggests the supply should be made from an individual switch, preferably on the bathroom furniture, or connected it to the outside switch circuit.