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Carbon film
Appropriate to refurbishment works and to place on the top of vinyl floor.
How to install the Electric Radiant floor

There are several materials that can be used to install a radiant floor heating.

The installation process is always different, though some of the basic principles are kept.

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Radiant floor installation by electrical wire

Isolate the “plate” on the top of which will be set the resistor, after being covered with concrete filling. This 12 cm width layer will keep the temperature longer.

A very important component is the thermostat with a temperature limiting sensor, which must be placed inside the flooring so that the maximum temperature can be controlled (up to 30ºC).

In this application, the final finishing may be in ceramic or other type of floorings, such as floating wood, glued wood, stone, vinyl and carpeting.

Radiant floor installation by Carbon Screen

The Screen Carbon is a thin resistance (Similar to the circuits in most electrical appliances). It can be placed directly on top of the former flooring, avoiding breaking it, with new flooring placed on top (floating wood or derivatives, ceramic bricks or stone, floorings).

Runs on 220 volts or 42 volts, with 100 watts per square meter and reaches a maximum temperature of 30ºC, controlled by an electric thermostat (cordless or otherwise).