Radiant floor

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More efficiency
Install a thermostat that will switch off when the desired temperature is reached

Radiant floor heating

The radiant floor may be applied in all kind of flooring (vinyl, ceramic or carpeting), in the construction initial phase or in subsequent refurbishments.

In new constructions we use the radiant floor by electric cable. In refurbishments works we install the radiant floor throughout the carbon film.

Electric Cables Technology

The operation of radiant floor through electric cables is very easy to understand with the previous scheme. This model is specially indicated to place the electric cable on Ceramic/Stone or Glued Wood floorings

The heating cable placed on top of the isolation, at a depth of 3cm inside the mortar, allows for the use of a bi-hourly rate for energy accumulation.
Carbon Film Technology

Due to its 0.2 mm width it is easy to install in any flooring and can be placed directly on top of the former flooring, avoiding breaking it, with new flooring placed on top (floating wood or derivatives, ceramic bricks or stone, floorings).

Runs on 220 volts or 42 volts, with 100 watts per square meter and reaches a maximum temperature of 30ºC, controlled by an electric thermostat (cordless or otherwise).