Radiant floor

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Ideal Temperature
Keep the thermostat to 20º during daytime. To sleep, 15 to 17º are enough. To reduce a degree of temperature may be a saving of up to 9 per cent in your total energy consumption
Radiant floor heating

All you have to do is follow some simple instructions to totally enjoy radiant electric floor heating.

Isolate doors and windows in order to avoid heat leaks and save up to 10% of energy. Keep the thermostat updated with the family schedules. It’s no worth to waste energy to heat the house when it is empty.
With radiant floor the winter stays outside

You waste less energy than with any other way of heating, such as heaters and stoves.

It manages to heat every corner of the house, not limiting the heat to a small area.

The total control through the thermostat allows you to stabilize the temperature in a natural way, in every room of the house.

In this way, you avoid sudden changes of temperature and colds.
Stop once and for all with the mess of heaters cables all over the house.

Only the thermostats are visible and their design and colour combine with most of inlets.