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Aspilusa installs and distributes the Radiant Electric Floor System certified by Ensto. The material manufactured by Ensto is quite versatile in what its application concerns. It adapts easily to any kind of floor.

We may install the Radiant Electric Floor in new buildings and in refurbishments. In addition of being one of the more economical heating ways, it is also one of the more efficient..

This heating system may be applied in all kinds of floor. It allows a total control of temperature, creating a natural and cosy environment.

The radiant floor is very common in most of European countries, where it is being used for more than 50 years. In Portugal we state a growing adherence to this technology, much more comfortable and practical than the traditional heaters.
We make your house a microclimate

Think about your home in the coldest days of winter. Probably the memory you have is not one of waking up with a mild heat, like springtime sun.

Installing a radiant floor heating will stop the cold sufferings. You may programme the thermostat to ensure the house will be at the temperature you prefer, in all rooms, even also in the bathroom and in the kitchen.